What Are Conversational Platforms? A Conversational Ai Guide

Project teams need to be created from both the client and the provider’s end to manage the chatbot project. Each side must assign a Project Manager or Product Owner, Editorial Managers and a Developer. If your chatbot project belongs to a global self-service experiment you may need to involve additional roles such as experts focused on customer journey, analytics, legal issues and business. Another point you should consider when creating a conversational chatbot is to ensure that it doesn’t sound like a robot. Part of the customer experience is based around comfort and establishing a relationship between a customer and a brand. This means giving the chatbot a personality and a tone of voice that is aligned with your brand’s value. Care must be put however to make sure that there isn’t a lack of personality, that can result in a dull and uninteresting chatbot, or too much personality that can be annoying and ruin the customer experience. Advanced chatbots can also act as virtual teaching assistants, answering questions that are stored in a knowledge base. The Inbenta chatbots can improve search-to-cart ratios by answering relevant user questions throughout the buyer journey, allowing users to make better decisions without interrupting the shopping experience.

Webhooks can be used for fulfillment within the dialog to execute specific business logic or interact with external applications. We are a Conversational Messaging Platform that helps businesses engage with customers across 30+ messaging channels across commerce, marketing and support. Our fully managed contact center solution transforms your Conversational Commerce and Care solutions with quick time-to-value through operationalizing personalized customer service at scale. Working with many notable brands – including T-Mobile, Orange, and Adobe – Rasa offers an open-source toolkit of Conversational AI solutions. As a result, Gartner recommends that companies with first-rate software engineering and application development capabilities consider the vendor. However, a highly-skilled team of developers is vital to benefit fully from the solution. The Oracle Digital Assistant offers a complete set of out-of-the-box product functionalities, each tailored to unique industries and enterprise domains. With impressive intelligent chat and decision automation, Gartner commends Oracle’s innovation and product capabilities, alongside its experience in meeting enterprise needs. Yet, the analyst questions the visibility of its Conversational AI within its overall proposition.

What Is Conversational Ai? Explained With Example And Use Cases

With this, customers can benefit from self-service and staff can receive better support by accessing updated, accurate and homogenous information. Additionally, knowledge content can be indexed, which actually helps google ranking because of its long-tail SEO functionality. By using MTT, Inbenta has created a semantic search engine that allows users to efficiently search for complex information, even if what is typed is incomplete, conversational ai platforms ambiguous, unstructured questions in their native language. With this, there are fewer obstacles to overcome to ensure that customer interactions are easy to understand and deliver the right outcomes. Use chatbots and virtual assistants to resolve customer inquiries and provide valuable information outside of human agents’ normal business hours. The company boasts a lot of big-name customers — there’s a reason for that.
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For example, some chatbots are designed to enhance the entire customer journey, increasing conversions and sales as they assist the customer through the buying process. Customers can interact with chatbots from the moment they become aware of your company until they have the product in hand. In a world where instant and on-demand is the norm, your customers’ expectations have never been higher — and companies that deliver fast, easy, and personalized buying experiences are the ones that will win. The Drift platform combines chat, email, video, and automation to remove the friction from business buying.

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It provides a walkthrough feature that asks for your level of NLP expertise and suggests actions and highlights buttons based on your response. This enables users to get up and running in a few minutes, even if they’ve never seen the site before. AWS Lex appears to be focused on expanding its multi-language support and infrastructure/integration enhancements. There seems to be a slower pace of core functionality enhancements compared to other services in the space.

The same word, phrase or entire sentence can have multiple meanings and can be expressed in multiple ways. With businesses increasingly seeking ways to increase revenues, boost productivity and increase brand loyalty, Conversational AI has achieved more and more recognition as an asset to achieve these KPIs. More people are ready to use a conversational AI solution and hence more companies are adopting it to interact with their customers. Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of white-collar workers will interact with conversational platforms on a daily basis. When implementing conversational AI for the first time, businesses find the costs expensive. The challenge lies in trusting the AI and making the first investment. Conversational AI takes customer preferences into account while interacting with them. Customers get personalised responses while interacting with conversational AI. By integrating with CRMs, it creates a customer profile with all the relevant information on the customer.


Microsoft LUIS provides the ability to create a Dispatch model, which allows for scaling across various QnA Maker knowledge bases. Bot Framework Composer is an alternate option to custom development, as it provides a graphical drag-and-drop interface for designing the flow of the dialog. Microsoft LUIS provides an advanced set of NLU features, such as its entity sub-classifications. However, the level of effort needed to build the business rules and dialog orchestration within the Bot Framework should be considered. At the core, Microsoft LUIS is the NLU engine to support virtual agent implementations. There is no dialog orchestration within the Microsoft LUIS interface, and separate development effort is required using the Bot Framework to create a full-fledged virtual agent. Microsoft LUIS provides a simple and easy-to-use graphical interface for creating intents and entities. The tuning configurations available for intents and complex entity support are strong compared to others in the space. Microsoft LUIS has the most platform-specific jargon overload of all the services, which can cause some early challenges.

  • The set of technologies that comprise it allow computers to recognize and decipher different human languages and understand what is being said.
  • But are also on hand to support you if you just want a problem solving.
  • You can orchestrate bots built on diverse NLP engines – a bonus for organizations that have a mixed landscape of chatbot and digital assistant solutions.

Inbenta Knowledge is also easy to monitor in the back-office through a dashboard that can detect potential gaps in content and discover areas of improvement. These can be easily edited in a Workspace that includes integrations like Inbenta’s AI-powered semantic search engine, help-site manager and an SEO optimizer to make it easier to organize. The result is an interactive experience that goes beyond the binary features of a typical FAQ and that resembles asking a live human agent for help finding a specific point, even if the keywords that are typed are not exact. With users expecting companies to include self-service applications, many companies are looking to optimize their FAQs and search pages to guide prospects towards making purchases or resolve their problems and maintain brand loyalty. How a Conversational AI solution is implemented and how customers can access or interact with a brand can vary as there isn’t one single approach. Here we will look at some of the ways Conversational AI can deliver solutions to customers.


While it provides instant responses, conversational AI uses a multi-step process to produce the end result. A critical way for firms to know if they’ve opted for the right conversational AI platform is scalability. If solutions are buggy or need frequent patches, then they are not scalable or flexible by design. The right fit for enterprises will be the ones that can be scaled up across functions or customer domains and continue to generate transformational value. Companies can invest budgeted resources in developing use-cases with single or multiple conversational AI partners. While use cases such as outbound calling, KYC, and lead qualification offer maximum returns, companies can explore new solutions through the power of conversational AI. In environments such as financial services, they can provide a great service to users and save time and costs for the company.

77% of companies leverage conversational chatbots to assess the type and difficulty of a question and accordingly hand it over to an agent. Conversational AI uses multiple technologies to converse with customers in natural, human-like language. Natural language processing is an AI technology that breaks down human language such that the machine can understand and take the next steps. And when it comes to complex queries, the conversational AI platform needs to hand over the chat to a human agent. While implementing the platform, adding agents/departments to the platform and ensuring the handover is smooth and to the right person can be a challenge for some. As consumers move away from traditional brick-and-mortar financial institutions, CAI can help these organisations provide a smooth online banking experience.

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From basic FAQs to complex transactions, we help companies build their customer service automation strategy, allowing for maximum automation of customer interactions and lowest total cost of ownership. AI Rudder is a software company that harnesses the power of AI voice automation to supercharge customer experiences. With AI voice assistants, your call center can make quality human-like calls at lightning speeds, collecting and analysing data automatically to reach and activate more customers. AI Rudder helps call centers reduce costs by automating repetitive tasks and lowering agent workload. Over the long term, AI Rudder aims to rethink the future of business communication. Our customer surfaces support almost a billion customer interactions a month. We have a strong desire to understand what our customers need, how well our solution are meeting those needs, and specific actions we can take to improve value. In my opinion, the level of customer obsession these tools have empowered us to unlock is invaluable. Enterprise conversational AI platforms are a subset of the larger conversational AI market, commonly referred to as chatbot platforms in media. Enterprise CAIP enables conversational automation as a strategic enterprise capability.
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Groupe BPCE decided to set up a chatbot to raise awareness of the subject and reply to questions from employees from all of the Group’s companies. They chose to deploy Bot’PAS, an internal chatbot that can answer basic questions on tax retention along with their specific tax-related issues. The perks of Conversational AI analytics and data is that future interactions can be Algorithms in NLP personalized as previous interactions are stored to ensure that every interaction with a brand is like talking to an actual employee. This way, customer satisfaction remains high, support costs go down and revenues grow. These chatbots are reactive, because they are automated chat instances that wait for the customer or visitor to reach out before communicating with them.

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